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Did you have a Billion dollar brainwave?

Have a big idea? Let's see if it's a winner! Together with our AI tools, we make it easy to check if your bright idea can really succeed.

How does it work?

We guide your idea through eight clear stages, each designed to sharpen and validate your idea. Helping you move from 'what if' to 'what's next'.

Our hybrid team

We collaborate with a virtual team of eight AI experts, each specifically designed to complement our work. Their unique skill sets enable us to validate your idea quickly – within days, not weeks.

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Step 1 - Submit your idea (free)

Step 2 - Develop your idea online (free)

Step 3 - Check if your idea is commercially viable (paid)

Step 4 - Pivot, persevere, kill or sell your idea

Step 5 - Go-to-market

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